Travel: the Good, the Bad, and the Weird

After three weeks spent working in Medellin in my first ever journalism role, I hit a metaphorical wall. Despite my best efforts to the contrary, there simply wasn't enough time to get everything done.

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Getting to Know Me: a Retrospective

Last month when I arrived in Medellin to attempt to be a journalist, I knew my life was about to get busy. What I hadn't expected was having less than six hours of time to myself per day: six hours that involved getting the bus home from the office, taking clothes to the laundry, buying [...]

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Moving to Medellin

My decision to move to Medellin was three-fold: to improve my Spanish, to learn more about Colombia by living here, and to take my first steps in journalism.

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A Dorito Flavoured Drama of When Travel Drives You Crazy

Sometimes it's not the object that's stolen from you that's important: it's the action itself. And sometimes, perhaps at the start of a long distance bus journey to cross the Ecuadorian-Colombian border; perhaps when you're in the midst of days filled with similar bus journeys, the act of theft affects you much more than it [...]

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A Last Minute Galapagos Cruise

“So what do you want to do for your birthday then?” Josh said, as we journeyed across the Ecuadorian countryside on yet another long bus ride. With only a week to go before I turned 26, the options were becoming somewhat limited. And after volunteering in Cuenca for five months last year, I'd been to [...]

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Salinas de Guaranda: a Community of Co-operatives

Salinas is cold. Nestled in the mountains at an altitude of 5,300 metres, the temperature warrants the wearing of every piece of relatively warm clothing I own, topped with a waterproof jacket to combat the sudden downpour that rolls in with the cloud cover every afternoon. I can see my breath in the confines of [...]

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