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McLeod Ganj India Tibet rock waterfall

How to Reach the Meeting of the Butts: Becoming a Hippy Yogi

“Make friends with your toes! Remember, there is no freedom in conflict! Now, hug the pillar and spread your legs!” Strange words to hear, certainly. Stranger still to hear them echoing around a green roofed circular hut at 7am , surrounded by bricks, bolsters, belts and a group of straining Westerners, all hell-bent on not breaking their […]

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The Suite Life of Mr. Mogul

To say I never know what’s going on in the Tri-City is an understatement. At least once a day, in the midst of relative calm, there is a sudden rush of movement which everyone else seems to know the reason for. This results in a lone British voice asking plaintively to be informed of the […]

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Hampi India barbershop river

Hair Removal is a Serious Business

Since arriving in Asia four months ago, I’ve been subjected to more beauty treatments than I’ve ever experienced before. From threading and waxing to an impromptu haircut and some seriously questionable massages, my legs, arms, face and head have been dealing with the fallout of an almost incessant hair removal programme. Which is something they’ve […]

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Chandigarh India dhaba baby

Heatwaves, Glowsticks and the Great Dharamsala Debate

I woke up yesterday with the heavy, dragging feeling of something hanging over me. The same infernal issue wreaking havoc in my head that had been there for almost a week. Should I get on the bus to Dharamsala today? Again? It was 9am in Panchkula and I was already boiling, despite lying under a steadily whirring fan […]

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