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26 At 26: Birthday Resolutions for a New Year

This week, I turned 26. It's an age I've never been particularly concerned about before, but when it was pointed out to me that 26 is actually much nearer to 30 than I'd first realised, a tiny bit of panic set in. Where the hell did all that time go?! I'm very happy with what […]

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How to Cope with Getting Sick when Travelling

I came back to London with a cold. It’s totally understandable, really. From Peru to the United States to England in thirty eight hours, I travelled under a haze of stale recycled air; surrounded at all times by the germs of a hundred sets of lungs, breathing in and out. But being in the freezing […]

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Give a Shit? My Most Terrifying Toilet Experiences Around the World

When travelling, you come across a lot of interesting toilet situations. They can be squats or holes; on moving transport or in the middle of nowhere; with paper or without; using jugs of water or handfuls of rice husks to flush with. The infinite number of variables makes the unknown condition of a foreign toilet […]

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