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Flora the Explorer

About Flora The Explorer

Flora The Explorer is a travel blog and website, created in February 2012 by Flora Baker. She is a writer, traveller, and blogger who has spent the last six years travelling while simultaneously juggling university life and a job at her campus bar.

In that timeframe, Flora has studied Italian in Florence and literature in San Francisco, volunteered with villagers in Kenya and orphans in Lithuania, and worked with musicians in Iceland and celebrities in India. She has eaten crickets in Thailand, slept in the deserts of Jordan, chanted nursery rhymes to numerous classes of Nepali children, and navigated her way around America’s East Coast via the Chinatown bus system. More recently, she spent 18 months volunteering through South America, where she built Jenga towers in Colombian favelas, built artificial limbs in Bolivia, taught English to Ecuadorian high school students, and constructed houses in the mountains of Brazil.

After two years spent travelling solo through Asia, Europe, and South America, and documenting her journey on Flora The Explorer, Flora now resides in London, England, where she is writing a book for her Masters degree, working as a freelance writer, and continuing to document her travels extensively online.

Flora the Explorer mainly contains long form narrative storytelling about female travel, volunteering & voluntourism, backpacking and slow travel.

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Why work with Flora the Explorer?

Flora the Explorer is my online portfolio; one that has the ability to grow organically with every journey I choose to document. Through my writing I am able to connect with the countries I visit on another level, and I am motivated to write creatively and concisely in order to present engaging content for my readers.

I come from a strong writing background, through studying literature and creative writing at university and having my poetry published both online and in print.

I am an honest writer, with strong opinions and no hesitation to be upfront about my feelings while on the road. I have a humorous and engaging writing style, and I pay close attention to specifics and details.

I see myself as a storyteller, and my readers feel a connection to me as an author because of the way I choose to write.


Statistics (April 2016)

Audience Demographics 

My demographics are split between England (32.3%), America (16.7%), Australia (5.7%), India (4.1%) and the rest of the world (41.2%).


Traffic Statistics

  • All time views: 675,000+
  • Monthly pageviews: 30,000+
  • Average visit duration: 00:06:15


Social Media Statistics

  • Twitter followers: 5,000+
  • Facebook fans: 6,500+
  • Instagram followers: 6,000+





National Geographic Traveller: Winner of annual Travel Writing Competition 2015

Skyscanner: Best International Newcomer Blog 2013 Up-and-Coming Travel Blog of the Year 2013



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