My Travels

Looking over Rio Napo
I’ve travelled a fair bit over the last few years, and sadly there’s simply not enough time to write about everywhere I’ve been – because I seem to always be heading somewhere new!

So here’s a list of where I”ve been since I started travelling ‘seriously’, as it were – and my vague travel plans for the future!

Past Travel


Reflections in a train window

  • June: InterRailed through the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy & Greece
  • November: volunteered in Mombasa, Kenya, with Camps International


Children's camp in Kaunas, Lithuania

  • February & March: studied Italian at the British Institute in Florence, Italy
  • April: visited friends in Belgrade, Serbia
  • May to July: backpacked through Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia (where I attended Exit Festival), Hungary, Poland, Lithuania (where I volunteered at a children’s camp with Concordia), Latvia & Estonia


A market stall in Damascus

  • July: travelled with Intrepid Travel through Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Turkey


Acrobatics on a hill

  • July: InterRailed through France, Germany, Italy, Spain & the Netherlands
  • August: moved to San Francisco, USA
  • September: visited LA, San Jose & Santa Cruz
  • November: skiing at Lake Tahoe with friends


Group at LovEvolution

  • January: toured the West Coast by myself on the Chinatown bus system; New York, Philadelphia, Boston & Washington, D.C.
  • February: visited the Grand Canyon with my lovely dad
  • March: Spring Break in San Diego
  • April: raved it up at Coachella Festival in LA
  • May: roadtripped through the States; Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, St Louis, & Las Vegas
  • June: moved back to London


a birds eye view of Reykjavik Iceland

  • April: spent Easter in Florence, Italy


Flora at Mysore market

  • October: visited my dad’s old army base in Malta
  • November: Marrakech, Morocco with Club Med


Lunch break on Salcantay trek

  • SeptemberDecember: travelled and volunteered throughout Bolivia


taking photos above the Guatape lakes

  • January: travelled in Peru (with a quick trip back to London)
  • February & March: travelled through Ecuador for the second time
  • August: returned to London after 18 months in South America

Future Travel Plans

I’m currently studying for my Masters in Non-Fiction Writing in London, so travelling is relegated to shorter trips for the next two years.

But as soon as I’m finished with my degree, I’ll be off again — and there are too many places I want to travel to! Scandinavia, Central America, Indonesia… I don’t know where I’ll be, but I know it’ll be good!

welcome to paradise in Colca Canyon


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