My first visit to Asia started in Feb 2012, when I headed to Kathmandu, Nepal for a month, to volunteer at an orphanage and teach at a nearby school. After a month getting to know a myriad of Nepali kids, I made my way to Mumbai, India at the start of March. I spent just over four months in India, where I travelled with a group, worked in Punjab, travelled solo and found myself in a lot of strange situations!

I left India via Delhi at the start of July and flew to Bangkok, Thailand, where I spent another month travelling around the north of the country and working on a permaculture farm, before finally flying back to London from Bangkok again in August 2012.

So far I’ve spent time in three Asian countries, but I’m already planning how to get back to this crazy continent! Check out the country links up top to see what I got up to on my six months around Asia…

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