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Parque Tayrona: a High Price for Paradise

There’s a place on the Colombian coast that is spoken about with reverence. Tayrona National Park is widely considered to be one of the country’s must-see locations; a huge stretch of protected land comprised of a unique mix of sand, sea, mountain and rainforest, with huge boulders littering empty stretches of beach and tall palm […]

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An Unexpectedly Colombian Easter in Jardin

I tend to over romanticise a lot of experiences while travelling. It happens more often when I can see myself writing about those experiences online; as soon as something exciting happens, I start to picture it in blog terms. And then I expect it to fit all my wildly imagined preconceptions.

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On Fear, Self Deprecation and my Traveller Alter Ego

“I hate this,” I said, slightly pathetically, to the empty air around me. There was nobody near enough to hear the words: the only people capable of listening were already halfway down into the canyon. I was way behind the group, taking my time as usual. I also happened to be muttering darkly to myself […]

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Heights and Frights: Facing my Fears at Torotoro Park

It started with the bus ride. “Oh god,” I breathed in deeply, trying to tear my eyes away from the window and the darkness outside. Despite being half asleep, I was very aware that the undercarriage of our bus was essentially hanging over the edge of the narrow road. I didn’t know what was beyond […]

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