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The Parrot and the Paraglider

“Floracita, you are ok?” I grinned, gulped, and nodded my head. The moustachioed man with the round clip-on sunglasses looked at me quizzically, a slight smile playing on his lips. “Aha, Floracita! Now you are no longer ‘la lora’!” Unable to contain himself, he and his wife fell about laughing on the steep bank of […]

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Coping with Cuenca’s Crazy Weather

“So you know when you said today was supposed to be sunny?…” We looked out at the torrent of water that cascaded furiously down in front of us. Only moments before, the sky had been bright blue; now the fat droplets were hitting the flagstones with such force that they almost bounced right back up […]

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The Spanish Challenge: Giving Up English for Lent

One of my major reasons for moving to Ecuador was to learn Spanish properly. I’ve tried learning languages before, and it’s never gone too well, despite my best efforts to the contrary. Years of primary school French resulted solely in a haphazardly memorised version of Frere Jaques; Italian GCSE threw me at the last hurdle […]

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A Very Ecuadorian Birthday

It was a typical Monday afternoon in Cuenca. Sunny, breezy and calm. Old Ecuadorians sat on the benches of Parque Calderon, young children played amongst the pigeons, and a general sense of lazy comfort reigned supreme. For the locals, at least. Sadly, this chilled out mindset hadn’t yet travelled to a group of the city’s […]

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Moving to Cuenca: the Art of Getting Lost

“Over there, across the trees, are the balconies, bordering the river. Los balcones. If you mention them, people will know where you are.” We stood at Claudia’s bedroom window, looking out over the view that would belong to me, temporarily, for the next four months. Eva Lucia pointed into the midst of buildings, anxious for […]

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The Roof Dogs of Quito

Living up in the mountains overlooking Quito – the self-proclaimed ‘middle of nowhere‘ – has been a rather unique education to the smaller pockets of Ecuadorian society. Up here, the houses have names, not addresses; there are more farm animals wandering around than people, and a little yellow school bus driven by Pepe doubles up […]

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Chio, Gustavo and the Mountain House: Finding a Family in Ecuador

On my second day in Ecuador, I awoke to the sounds of three different people on Skype. Despite being dotted around the creaking wooden house in various good wifi spots, the walls and the ceiling of my room were thin enough that I could hear every word. “Yeah, the family we’re staying with are really […]

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